Zoe 's Day of Freedom

On Friday, I drew into the drive and I saw Zoe glinting out from the dwelling room window. I believed my hubby must hold penetrated early, even though he was scheduled to work for another hr. When I attended the door, it was still locked. After I got indoors, Zoe springed over tome. I looked for Otis, and he was still in his doghouse, likelily upset with the events of the day. I 'm sure Zoe was tantalise him.

I peeked around the house, and there were no surprises in the signifier of humor or inappropriately manducated things. Zoe holded aided herself to plentitude of H2O and was ready to locomote outdoors. One of her playthings was by the window, so I surmise that she passed most of the day looking out the window, noticing the locality and waiting for one of us to get across.

We believe that one of us ( that would be Tim ) buried to completely latch her doghouse door, and she found the security breach and sprang to freedom. We 've been checking the latch carefully ever since.

At some point, when Zoe mellows a bit more, we 'll likelily leave them out for longer periods of clip. But given their dispositions to wrestle, and Zoe 's involvement in the rubbish and recycling, we 'll wait a patch for everyone 's safety and our saneness.

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links for 2009-11-25

  • Anniversary blues " Smoke Signals

    Prem Panicker on Anniversary Blues:
    `` Those two guideposts CRPF jawans crapping, peeing and bathing in the shadow of the Gateway and those Creator smoked salmon sandwiches - utterly bookend our response, as a authorities and as a society, to one of the worst terrorist onrushes, worldwide, in recent memory.
    The least we could make is avoid sound pollution, no? ''

  • For hebdomads we followed the production of a low-budget movie exalted by the Mumbai terrorist onsets. Here it is, the insanely risible fashioning of a tragical picture...
    Not long after the nighttime of 26 Nov, several filmmakers holded a allly original idea. Why not do a catastrophe film out of this? So, as the cinematography of Aggregate Decade begined at Movie Metropolis in Goregaon, there was a certain wavering over the sensibility of the topic, which roughly interpreted to: `` Will someone kill me for making this? '' One player enquire another if the playscript holded an anti-Muslim or anti-Pakistan stance, and got a shrug in response. Neither holded seen the playscript.

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A Wellness Attention Bailout For the Bourgeoisie

It Wears. The President 's presuming direct ownership of the health debate
Tipple measures are beginning to spread on capitol hill. 12 of policy points are being debated. World-wide coverage is one fashion to draw the object, but here Holds one that might be better: We require a healthcare bailout for the bourgeoisie.

High-income Americans will do out hunky-dory, and public plans will be fortified for lower-income groupings. But medical unwellness doed closely two-thirds of all bankruptcies, and most of these bankrupt debitor holded medical insurance. That raises two queries:

1. What Holds the value of `` world-wide coverage '' if `` coverage '' is n't rendering the fiscal security people involve?

2. If we can deliver troubled banks, what are we making to deliverance homes whose `` toxic pluses '' dwell of unpaid doctor's bill for urgently asked aid?

It Holds a fault to presume that wellness reform will necessarily ease the fiscal encumbrance for financially imperiled houses. Medical problems caused 62.1% of all bankruptcies in 2007.
Three quarters of these bankrupt debitor holded wellness insurance. And 92 % of them holded doctor's bill of at least $ 5000, or 10 % of pretax menage income.

`` 10 % of pretax household income '' is likewise the fig many wellness policy analysts tell households should be setted to pass for wellness aid under a authorization. But for many people that was a taxing fig even before the fiscal crisis. We ca n't presume that a policy coercing them to pass disobliging will be either efficacious or politically popular. Yet, AP reports
House Dems are drifting the thought of `` slapping an unspecified fiscal penalisation on anyone who declines to buy low-cost wellness insurance. '' That Holds what is cognized as an `` single authorization. ''

Insurance was originally contrived to extinguish fiscal ruination for someones by alloting costs among many people. Knows add up to insist that people purchase coverage that wo n't necessarily protect them from catastrophe?

Feelings run high about this issue among us wellness policy swots. Most Democratic/liberal analysts insist that reform ca n't win unless all somebodies are firstly mandated to obtain coverage. The thought 's based on sound economics: If some people can cop out, the healthiest are most likely to make so. So the system will be burthened with sicker enrollees, driving upward costs and doing it difficult to reach world-wide coverage.

That Holds why smart and lettered people like Jonathan Cohn can connote, as he makes here
, that single authorizations are indistiguishable from `` good public policy. ''

I understand the economics, but here Holds the concern: The inherent conception of `` shared duty '' is sound, but in other nations - and in Medicare - that obligation is principally shared through the progressive mechanism of tax. Unless carefully projected, single authorisation run the peril of being overly punitory and politically explosive among middle-income Americans.

Reckon Sen. Kennedy's new draft proposal
It offers more generous subsidies than other proposals, with a skid scale of aid that attends to $ 110, 000 in income for a house of four. But much can hap beneath and near that $ 110, 000 score, especially in these parlous times. Annually premiums for home coverage gained $12,680 in 2008
and keep to mount. That Holds one ground why households fighting to do terminals see sometimes wager ' that they wo n't hold ruinous medical costs. That may be a bad wager, but utilise the levers of authorities to hale them to pay $ 8, 000 to $ 13, 000 in premiums entirely might not be the best solution.

And the premiss that authorisation are more politically large-minded is merely that: an premiss. Authorizations could, as a matter of fact, be economically regressive. They could besides give the GOP a hot-button issue for 2010 and 2012. Proposals like Jacob Hacker's, which bound out-of-pocket premium costs to $ 2, 500, travel a long manner toward addressing those concerns. But they 're likewise costlier from the regime side, so they make n't look to get on the table right now ( even if those costs could finally be countervail by improved conformation ).

What Holds the solution? At least one proposal that holds been anathema to Democrats might assist. The Democrats campaigned against McCain 's program to taxation wellness benefits. But a wellness taxation, like any other, can be either progressive or regressive. ( There Holds a good discourse of the theme here

It Holds true that a taxation on all workers having wellness benefits could be fateful. And cypher 's having overly epicurean benefits, despite what some drumbeater claim. As Merrill Goozner discovers, there are no "Cadillac health plans" for employees, though that phrase is has become a buzzword.
( And Cadillacs are done by G, where a bit aid was besides demanded. )

Here 's one possibility: a wellness benefits taxation that kicks inwards at high income degrees. That could conceivably invite some Hacker-like caps on premiums. It would likewise hold the added benefit of sensitizing corporate decision-makers to trueness cost of medical aid in that commonwealth. It might even prompt more of them to take a proactive base on wellness issues.

There are a figure of other possible shipways to `` bail out '' the American bourgeoisie in wellness tending, excessively:

1. Stage mandates in slowly, as overall wellness costs are cutted through other steps. ( This one Holds unpopular with a figure of analysts, but I conceive unfairly so. It Holds accomplishable. )
2. Punctuate the public progrgram option. ( If you 're attending pose a heavy cost load on the bourgeoisie, it Holds a good thought to give them every pick you can. )
3. Develop modern shipways of aiding consumers pay their wellness debts through easy-to-use funding tools at favorable rate of interest.
4. Insure than wellness benefits include appropriate caps on out-of-pocket costs.

Cosmopolitan coverage without oecumenical fiscal security would be a Pyrrhic triumph. The President and Congress can assure successful wellness reform by make a point that American houses can have the attention they require at a cost they can afford.

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The Geographics of Japan

Following my basic introduction to Japan , this is an overview of Japan 's geographics.


Japan is located in Eastward Asia, off the sea-coast of China, Korea, and Russia.

Japan (topographic map)

[ topographical map from Wikipedia

The northern terminal of Japan is at roughly the same latitude as the metropolises Milano, Montreal, and Portland, Oregon. The southern terminal of the main islands of Japan is at roughly the same latitude as Shanghai, the mouth of the Nile, and Austin, TX. The twine of little islands that does an discharge from the undersurface of the main islands to Taiwan is too constituent of Japan, and its southern terminal is at about the same latitude as Cuba.


Mounts account for 73 % of Japan 's land, and most of the nation 's people are jammed into what little plane land thereis. Therein antic orbiter image from NASA ( via Wikipedia
), the concrete-gray population eyes are clearly seeable.

Japan Satellite View

The large populated area, at the cubitus of the main island, is the Yedo part.

Woodses cover most of the land that is n't either urban, stony mount, or agricultural. In the orbiter image, simply the South is dark-green, but that Holds because the ikon was taken in Apr, when springtime was goodly underway in the southern one-half of the land, but when workses north were still waking upward.


Japan is mostly in the temperate zone and therefore sees the four seasons distinctly. Summertimes are hot, wintertimes take snowfall, fall is colourise by acer rubrum leaves, and springtime starts with cherry flowers. Except at the north island, there is too a monthlong showery season in early summertime. Additionally, typhoons happen through summertime and into early fall. Each storm typically begins to the south and brushes upward the length of the archipelago, weakening along the fashion.

Japan 's conditions is n't the same concluded, nevertheless. The state 's splitting mounts and span of latitudes make several clime zones.

  • Pacific Seashore: Hot, humid summertimes and mostly dry wintertimes.

  • Inland Sea: ( The country between the main island and the littleer two of the four large islands. ) Has conditions similar to the Pacific Seashore, but it Holds sheltered from storms and holds more cheery years.

  • Japan Sea Seashore: Slightly cooler summertimes and heavy snow in the wintertime, imputable winds from Siberia.

  • Key Highlands: ( A little part in the mounts midmost of Japan. ) Holds a more Continental clime, with a big contrast between daylight and dark temperatures.

  • Hokkaid: ( The northern island. ) Cooler and less humid than the residuum of Japan and with less precipitation.

  • Southern Islands: Semitropical.

I 'll halt here and speak about regions and vegetations and zoologies in separate stations; this station was excessively long with those subdivisions included. </p>

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Grgoire Bernardi

H2O Lilies ( 2007 )

water lilies H2O Lilies

Naissance des Pieuvres

) is a French coming-of-age flick that dabbles in the dark Waters of budding female gender. The pic takes a years to warm upwards but the hold is goodly deserving it. Plus there Holds ever the movie 's gorgeous filming.

Set in the suburbs of Paris during long hot summertime years, the flick starts with variousteams of misses readying so participating insynchronized swimmingin a big public pool. Marie ( Pauline Acquart ) is there to watch her best friend Anne ( Louise Blanchere ) perform, but actually, Marie goes her place to get a better face at the spectacular Floriane ( Adele Haenel ).

Marie, who Holds half-pint of a missy, worships Floriane, and it Holds easy to see why. In the H2O, Floriane performs with grace and dexterity-out of the H2O, she Holds not so pleasant. Blond, talland shapely, Floriane is abominate by her squad members and holds the repute of being the squad `` trollop. '' Wherever she locomotes, males vie for Floriane 's attending, and most of her centering get on Francois ( Warren Jacquin ), a handsome popular male swimmer.

Marie starts to overlook her friendship with plump, unpopularAnne, and she seeks to join a liquid squad. But makes she rattlingly desire to swim or makes she needan pardon to mess about Floriane? While Marie is discontented with her body, and even tries a liquid suit on top of her habiliment, Floriane is a survey in self-assurance. Marie 's discontentment about her body appears to interpret to a desire to be like Floriane, andyet there are too strong strains of sexual feelings unified inwards with the hero worship. Floriane 's character seems equally clearly delineate and developed as her body, and Marie'sless specified characterappears to hesitate so go absorbed in Floriane 's shadow.

Although Floriane rejects Marie 's provisionary worshipat firstly, gradually she starts to let Marie into her life, and Marie, presuming the low-level place in the relationship, looks content to make favours and supply alibis for Floriane. While Floriane initially appears the snot-nosed type: popular, attractive, and confident, her cruel streakappears to be posed aside for her friendship with Marie, and yet an border of cruelty rests. Which is the existent Floriane?

Meanwhile, Anne, left to her ain devices, gets to hold romanticist feelings for Francois and presumes overtures towards him ahead of his squad mates. Marie 's close friendship with Anne appears destroyed, and at the same clip, Marie 's new friendship with Floriane makes n't omen goodly. Grownups remain largely in the picture 's background, and the parents are observably absent while the teens are left to their ain devices.

In some slipways, H2O Lilies

tackles the familiar issues that oft pop in flicks that center teens: sexual rawness, sexual confusion, conformance,etc. But H2O Lilies

is a beautiful flick that manages these issues with great nicety and it Holds impossible to opine where the picture is taking the looker until the concluding recognitions roll.

To state more about the game would destroy the regarding experience for those out there who hold n't watched the movie yet. If you are a fan of Frenchfilm, and savor slow-moving, thoughtful and provocative play, so opportunities are that you will savour H2O Lilies

from first clip manager Celine Sciamma.

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Add something `` sciencey '' to ameliorate your plausability

There are many grounds why I am thankful to hold passed some of my summertime reading Ben Goldacre 's first-class book Bad Science
, including the fact that it bring back my attending a paper The Seductive Allure of Neuroscience Explanations

The article is an history of experimentations dealt by Deena Weisberg and co-workers at Yale, and was printed in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

in 2008.

jcn2 Recognising that neuroscience is an country of research that intrigues the populace and where finds are frequently picked upward by the general insistence, Weisberg et
generated four explanatory statements for each of 18 different psychological phenoma. In each example the four statements corresponded:

  • a good account without specific reference of neuroscience

  • the same good account with the improver of plausible, but logically irrelevant, neuroscientific items

  • a bad account without specific reference of neuroscience

  • the same bad account with the add-on of the same plausible ( but irrelevant ) neuroscience as in the 2d representative

Satisfaction ( on a 7-point scale ) breeded by the assorted statements was tried with three cohorts:

  • naive grownups ( n=81 ),i.e. somebodies with no formal neuroscience grooming

  • educatees from an introductory cognitive neuroscience class ( n=22 )

  • experts in neuroscience ( n=48 ), although the definition of `` expert '' therein context was rather generous - 6 members of this grouping holded finished an undergraduate class but were yet to get their advanced grades, 29 were presently in grad school and the other 13 were beyond graduate school.

In developing their neuroscience accounts, the writers maintained to three important standards: ( 1 ) the phrasing would point that this was a field in which cognition was already launched, ( 2 ) the same info would be added to both the good and the bad account, and ( 3 ) the neuroscience info should not modify the inherent logic of the account such as it was before add-on of the spare 'science '.

With all three cohorts, the participants were informed that the survey being described was scientifically robust, but that the account offered may not be echt. For both the naive ' and expert ' groupings any somebody e'er saw only statements that incorporated neuroscientific info ( but might be a good or bad account ), or they ne'er holded the extra items. This attack was espouse so that topics were not alarmed to the fact that some of the accounts were fuller thanothers.Unfortunately the comparatively little size of the current undergraduate cohort meant that the method was different, any person could be exposed to all 4 different types of account. This is a shame, since it makes demand some carefulness when construe next comparings of the three cohorts.

So what were
the determinations? For all three groupings, participants ranked the good accounts as more satisfactory than the bad ones. Both the naif grouping and the pupils encountered accounts with added neuroscience to be better, and the result was more dramatic for the bad accounts than for the good. With the experts, withal, add-on of the specious scientific points to the good account really took to a decrease
in their satisfaction - an indicant that with their Fuller noesis they saw through the inane improvers.

The writers reason that the determinations with novitiates and pupils may be manifestations of the `` seductive items consequence ''. Old surveys hold advised interesting-but-irrelevant info can hold a prejudicial event on cognitive labor,e.g. memory tryouts.

They likewise designate to a general observation that persons react more favorably when given a ground for a petition, notwithstanding obvious. They advert one representative of such `` placebic '' info in which research topics were more conformable to allowing somebody transport out some xerox if they added the phrase `` I hold some transcripts to do '' to a bland petition `` May I employ your Xerographic copier? ''

In Badness Science
, Ben Goldacre reason that quacks ' effort this phenomenon by dressing upwardly their claims with sciencey-sounding accounts. This reminded me excessively of the BBC infotainment Professor Regan's Medicine Cabinet
( firstly demoed in April 2009 ) in which, amongst other things, Regan dresses upward a trial of pills for handling insomnia with all kind of elaborated directions about what must, and what must not, be neutralise order for the therapy to be effectual. The participants lodged to the regulations and described good effects of the pills, despite the fact that they were - as a matter of fact - sugar bar ornamentations.

Weinberg Darmstadtium, KeilF.C., Goodstein J, Rawson Tocopherol and Grayness Jr. ( 2008 ) The seductive temptingness of neuroscience accounts
Diary of Cognitive Neuroscience 20
: 470-477

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NEW Q & A: Is it clip to halt helping?

Powerpuff Girls and fat

I recently got the complete Powerpuff Girls series for myself, and hold been watching through it from beginning to cease. I 'm a large fan of it, though before now, I holded n't seen as much of it as I considered I holded.

And course, its turning intent on be much less fat-happy than I considered it was.

Now, generally, I happen the series jollily authorise. The main characters are three maked missies who were ne'er thought to be boys, with a individual begetter who makes the domestic work and makes n't claim it should be a woman 's business. When they make get a `` stepmom '' fig, everything locomotes amissly. They all hold their ain distinguishable personalities, and while they hold their stereotypically girly moments, they definitely possess more schoolboyish traits overly. And they 're smart ( goodly, mostly ), and employ that to their vantage. Heck, the fact that the metropolis is run behind-the-scenes by a woman who Holds name is a drama on words for `` encephalon '' is besides done blatantly evident.

All this is goodly and good and awesometacular, but when you look at how they handle size... goodly... things get a bit unsatisfying.

The word `` fat '' is oftentimes utilise as an vilification, especially by Bubbles. Some of the one-episode bad cats, like Roach Handler and the lazy fuzz and the scarey fanboy, are too rendered as `` corpulent. ''

Notwithstanding, what gets me the most is how they handle Mary.

Mary is one of their schoolmates at Clink Oaks kindergarten. She is a really nice miss. But she Holds pulled much fatter than the other shavers, and most of her word-painting hearts around her size. In the episode where Flower gets her ice breath, the tike all fetch up outside for deferral, and its incredibly hot out. They 're all suffering, but naturally the only one who freaks out about it - all nearly-passed-out on the land and holding problem ventilation and such - is Mary, the fat miss. In an episode where Princess Morebucks gets Mayor, the Gangreen Mob onsets and takes over the kindergarten, and Little Arturo can be seen sitting Mary like a big squealer or something. So, in a ulterior episode where Mojo Jojo fob some of the schoolfellows into assisting him by giving them powers, Madonna is among the grouping. The others desire specific things, like ice breath or flight or lazer eyes. But when Mary gets the powers, she applies her freshly rose olfactory modality to encounter an icecream pedestal, wing there, and downs at least two full cones of icecream ( which she might hold even stolen ).


I 'm but in season 3 right now, so hopefully it gets better. But as it is, how they speak about fat, and especially how Mary is shown, rattlingly disappoints me as a fan of the show. I still like it, but I should take it with a grain of salt ( simply like with X-men, God ). And I 'm rethinking demoing the sketch to my future tykes.

I may redact this entry if anything else applicable happens in the episodes I hold n't watched yet. As was common, we 'll see.

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President Obama 's Nobel Peace Award for 2009 a `` call to action ''

Console Me with Apples ( sound )

Comfortmewith apples Ido n't believe I 've ever read Foodie
mag, but I was still sad to acquire this hebdomad that the mag was at close range store because I was simply getting presented with its editor, Ruth Reichl, through listening to the audio version of Soothe Me with Apples: More Escapades at the Table
, the sec of her memoirs ( and the first that I 've read ). This book follows Reichl 's early ages as a nutrient author, a calling she commenced by inditing free-lance articles that finally guided to a primo gig as the nutrient critic for the Lanthanum Times
It Holds component gourmet memoir, portion travelling diary, and portion personal tale of self-discovery, and the premix works.

Reichl got her nutrient inditing vocation in the Seventieses, when Alice Waters 's eatery, Chez Panisse, was still comparatively new, and before Wolfgang Puck was a celebrity. It was an interesting clip to be a nutrient author, and Reichl was in the right spot to do the best of it. Reichlwrites of manyfine and not-so-fine repasts, including a dinner cooked by Danny Kaye and a Thanksgiving repast utilizing a Medieval turkey formula. ( You 'll should read the book for yourself to encounter out which was ok and which was not so hunky-dory. ) Many of her assignments took her into the kitchens of noted eatery, so readers get a under-the-table face atrestaurant gaps and meal readying. I 'm no cook, so a great deal of the refinements of why a particular ingredient or tool was important locomoted over my caput, but the human play was interesting. There are likewise tales of eat in France, Espana, China, and Thailand, where Reichl happens the escapades are not limited to the table.

Although Reichl 's calling is different from my ain, I relished reading about her passage from tyro to knowledgable professional. That Holds a passage I 've done myself in the past few geezerhood, and even as Reichl was galvanized that the La Times
believed she was flavour and smart plenty to pen for them, I 'm oft galvanized when long-time professionals in my ain field enquire my sentiment, and even more surprised when they follow my suggestions. It was substantiating to hear another soul travelling through the same thingespecially since she attended to be so successful.

Reichl coalesces her professional narration with her personal narration. She fights with her union, her desire for shavers, and her relationships with her parents, especially her vocal mother, and she composes candidly about her errors. She maked do a couple of doozies, but as is so oftentimes the instance in life, sometimes great good can come out of what appears to be the most unwise pick. There were a couple of times when I desired to agitate her because she merely could n't do upwards her psyche or tell what required to be stated, but I make n't cognize that I would hold been any bolder or braver, and I appreciated her honestness.

Most of Reichl 's tales were the usual relationshippy seasons-of-life stories that you might anticipate from a memoir about a woman in her 30s. There was, yet, one narrative, toward the terminal of the book, that was moreupsetting than any narrative that holded locomoted earlierly ( and that includes her narrative of being maintained upwardly at point ). I waffle to state much about it, because it could comprise a spoiler considering some of the selections Reichl battles with, but it was the sort of narrative that anyone essay to go a mother makes not desire to hearit Holds a nightmare scenario.

The audio formatting worked goodly for this book; I chance that it usually makes with memoirs. Lorelei Rex reads expressively, and if some of her voices are nark, they still looked to suit the people she was showing. The book too includes formulas, but formulas make n't interpret goodly onto sound. Most of them maked n't sound like something I 'd do ( I cook from excoriation, but usually simple nutrient ), but they maked sound yummy.

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Tarkovsky on Art

But 48 Hrs

In roughly 48 hrs I will step pes on the sacred land that is the University of North Carolina campus first. Maintain your eyes on this site this weekend for pictures and updates from our field trip. I 'm most aroused about our behind the scenes look at the Dean Smith Heart ( thanks D-Rich ) and an early morn run on campus. All of the Realtor in Columbus are waiting by the telephone. I merely might ne'er come back.

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